Labor and Delivery

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Labor & Delivery

We are a homebirth practice and will do deliveries for women in their homes or in a safe and appropriate environment. This is the time where proper education, support, and encouragement are typically needed the most.

We will be there for our clients when they have questions, concerns, and need help making informed decisions. Clients will be able to contact us via text and or calling at any point needed. Depending on clients’ personal desires and wellbeing we can help them design and develop a birth plan to accommodate their personal desires for their birth experience. Once labor is established the following can be expected in terms of care. Including, but not limited to:

  • Labor assessment
  • Monitoring maternal and fetal wellbeing
  • Water birth services
  • Non-allopathic pain relieving techniques and methods
  • Legend drugs required for intrapartum complications
  • Emergency equipment (for: newborn resuscitation, oxygen…etc.)
  • Two midwives and one birth assistant in attendance

Immediate Postpartum Period:

We are trained and skilled in recognizing maternal and newborn complications and will provide the proper assessment and care for both mother and baby before leaving. This includes at least 2 hours of assessment and monitoring or more, until the mother and baby are stable and both oral and written comprehensive postpartum instructions have been given.

The following will be included in the immediate postpartum period:

  • Maternal and newborn assessment
  • Newborn Exam
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Optional: Vitamin K and ophthalmic medications
  • Appropriate cleanup

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