Home Birth Costs

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How much does a Home Birth with Lilac City Midwifery cost?

At Lilac City Midwifery we are passionate about making sure midwifery care and home birth services are easily accessible and affordable to anyone who is interested in having a home birth.

Our cash pay fee is currently set at $3,000 + a $200 booking fee for a total of $3,200. That fee covers all of the prenatal visits, a midwife and a birth assistant in attendance at your labor and delivery and the postpartum period up to six weeks. The $200 booking fee is due at the time you wish to reserve your due date in the midwife’s calendar and is non-refundable. The costs that are NOT included in that fee would be: any lab work needed, ultrasounds (if needed), some birth supplies (usually between $50-$75) and birth pool rental if desired ($75). If you have insurance then they will usual cover all or at least a portion of your labs and ultrasounds. The coverage for labs and ultrasounds would be the same regardless of the care provider you would use since they are billed through the individual lab or imaging center and not the midwifery practice.

What about insurance coverage?

We can accept some private insurance providers. In order to find out if your insurance plan will cover our services, contact your insurance company and ask them if your plan will cover an LM (Licensed Midwife) who is an out of network provider.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Washington State Medicaid at this time.

Not all insurance plans will cover home birth. We understand that it can seem unnecessary to pay for a home birth when your insurance company will cover a hospital birth. It is our conviction that the benefits of midwifery care and home birth far outweigh the cost and we fully support families investing in their care. It is for that reason that we have made our fee affordable and are willing to work with families who recognize the benefit of more personalized care and home birth.

Because it can take a very long time for midwives to be reimbursed by insurance companies, we require that all of our clients pay the cash pay price ($3,000 + $200 booking fee) in full by 36 weeks gestation regardless of insurance coverage. We will then submit a bill to the insurance company 6 weeks after the birth and reimburse the client when and if we are paid by the insurance company.

If you have Liberty Healthshare then you may be eligible to pay only the $200 booking fee up front as Liberty is the only insurance that will pay the midwifery fee by 36 weeks gestation.

What expenses are not included in your fee?

Some of the expenses which would not be included in the total midwifery fee of $3,200 are:

  • A birth kit which can be viewed here
  • Any labs or ultrasounds (usually billable to your insurance)
  • RhoGAM if indicated/chosen for Rh- mothers
  • Oral or preservative vitamin K
  • Birth Pool rental fee $75

For a complete list of expenses not included and to view our financial contract please see the link below:

LCM Home Birth Financial Contract