Rebekah is an incredible human being and midwife! After falling pregnant and meeting with Rebekah for the first time, I felt an overwhelming calm and peace, and knew right away that she would provide the care that would best suit me and my baby, I also loved knowing I would be seeing the same person consistently through pregnancy to birth. I actually looked forward to every prenatal visit in Rebekah’s welcoming tiny home. She provided all the tools I needed for a healthy pregnancy and optimal situation for home birth, including labs (done from the comfort of her tiny home), diet advice with helpful handouts, recommendations on vitamins and products, reassuring answers to all of my questions (even via text!), literature recommendations, and when I felt blue, she was always there to listen, as she genuinely cares for every aspect, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her care did not end there, she is an advocate and source of compassionate strength as well. At 41 weeks, my son had flipped into the breech position, Rebekah did not give up, she enlisted the help of other health care providers and spoke up when I did not have the courage or knowledge to do so, and because of her knowledge and advocacy our baby was turned into an optimal position. The following day, when labor began, she came to our home and allowed me to work through labor at my own pace. When it was time to welcome our sweet baby into the world, her positive energy filled the air.  I gave birth in my home, on my feet (I’m not sure a doctor would accommodate that), holding my husbands hands. After the birth, my husband and I were able to post up in our own bed and bond with the newest addition to our family. Rebekah and her assistant took care of EVERYTHING. The following morning, all we had to do was cuddle as a family in the comfort of our own home. Afterward, she came to our home for follow up visits (which is oh so lovely while recovering from birth). Rebekah goes above and beyond in her care in the purest sense of the word. I am incredibly grateful to have experienced this magical portion of my life with her and will recommend her to everyone who considers home birth! Oh! She makes amazing herbal remedies too!